Publicly-Funded Dental Care for Low-Income Seniors

Ontario is protecting what matters most by providing low-income seniors access to quality dental care through a new publicly-funded dental...

Over $38 Million for Community Housing in Peel Region

Province Making Community Housing Safer, More Efficient and Sustainable in the Region of Peel, and across Ontario

Protecting Security for the People

The Cost of Federal Carbon Tax will Burden Ontario’s Police, Firefighters, Corrections, and Other Frontline Services

New Licence Plates Reflect Optimism for Future

Renewed brand and visual identity to be delivered at no cost to taxpayers

Ontario Introduces Child CARE Tax Credit

Flexible Child Care Initiative Included in 2019 Ontario Budget: A Plan to Protect What Matters Most

A Plan to Protect What Matters Most

The 2019 Ontario Budget will help build a sustainable future, while protecting critical frontline services

Ontario Reveals True Cost of Federal Carbon Tax

Province Will Require Gasoline Pumps, Natural Gas Bills to Show Increased Costs Due to Federal Carbon Tax

Standing Up for Patients

Ontario's government is working for the people by fighting against increased costs to public institutions caused by the burdensome federal...

Standing Up for Seniors

The Ontario Government is fighting against the federal carbon tax and the financial burden it will place on the seniors...

Fighting to Make Life More Affordable

Ontario announces the end of the outdated Drive Clean Program, and vows to continue to stand against the federal carbon...