Ontario Working to End Child and Youth Suicide in Mississauga

Ontario is investing in suicide prevention and mental health initiatives to help end child and youth suicide in Mississauga

Keeping Our Promise to Put Drivers First

Ontario drivers may now display proof of auto insurance electronically

Celebrating Recovery Month in Mississauga

Ontario is building awareness and challenging the stigma around addiction

Free Wi-Fi on GO Transit in 2020

Free Wi-Fi on GO trains and buses will make transit a better, more convenient experience for customers

Ontario Makes Historic Investments in Public Education

Major Commitments Prioritize Student Achievement & Safety

Ending March Madness Spending

Ontario Government builds on commitment to spend smarter by eliminating unnecessary year-end "March Madness" spending, saving $153 million

Helping Parents Save on the Costs of Summer Camp

The CARE Tax Credit is One of the Most Flexible Child Care Initiatives Ever Introduced in the Province

Investing in Ontario's Culture and Tourism Attractions

Ontario Supporting Infrastructure Projects Across the Province

Tackling Plastic Waste and Improving Recycling

Improving the Blue Box Program Improvements Will Help Divert More Waste from Landfills and Save Taxpayers Money

Expanding Rush-Hour, Midday and Evening GO Transit Service

64,372 More Seats for GO Transit Customers Each Week