Province Invests in New Peel Police CCTV System

Published on December 14, 2020

Funding will provide the Peel Regional Police with more tools to prevent and fight crime

MISSISSAUGA — Today, Rudy Cuzzetto, MPP for Mississauga-Lakeshore, joined Peel Regional Police Chief Nish Duraiappah to announce that the Province will invest $150,000 to install a new Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system to allow the Peel Police to better detect, investigate, and prevent criminal activity.

This new system will be an important part of Peel Region's Guns, Gangs and Violence Reduction Strategy in 2020-21. The grant will also build on the Province's $106 million investment to combat gun and gang violence through Ontario's Guns, Gangs and Violence Reduction Strategy.

"We are taking the necessary steps to stand up for law-abiding citizens and provide police services with the tools and resources they need to protect Ontarians," said Cuzzetto. "With this investment, Peel Region will be able to significantly strengthen CCTV capacity to support the local fight against crime."

CCTV footage of crimes committed will help with investigations, identify suspects, and support prosecutions to keep criminals off our streets.

"These cameras will be placed along and around Highways 410 and 403 in Brampton and Mississauga," said Chief Duraiappah. "They provide us with crucial evidence to solve violent crimes, which we otherwise might not have. This funding is just another step in the right direction."

Today’s CCTV systems have evolved to include modern features such as advanced night-vision capabilities and 360-degree fields of view. These are important modern-day police capabilities, and it is a priority for the Province to ensure that the Peel Regional Police can count on these features.

"By strengthening CCTV surveillance systems across the province, Ontario's police services will be better equipped to prevent criminal activity, identify and apprehend offenders," said Solicitor General Sylvia Jones. "This expansion will support the local fight against guns and gangs while deterring other crimes such as drug and human trafficking, street racing and stunt driving. The use of CCTV cameras will also help hold criminals accountable by providing important visual evidence to support investigations and the prosecution process."

"Improving the technology and information available to Ontario's frontline police is critical to deterring unlawful activity and holding offenders accountable in our communities," said Minister Jones. "Ontarians need to feel safe in their homes and their businesses without fear of crime as communities recover from the impacts of COVID-19."


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